Why composting toilets are much better than you expected

It might seem overwhelming to think about using a toilet that composts waste, rather than quickly disposing of it. Don’t be put off! Waterless composting toilets are far from bad smelling and confronting. Not only do they smell fine, they have huge economic, environmental and lifestyle benefits. These 4 reasons to try composting toilets are sure to convince you to make the switch:

1.    They’re odourless!
It’s a myth that composting toilets smell bad. They actually use an aerated micro-environment - meaning that all waste is effectively decomposed and odour free for you. There are different designs and ways to eliminate orders, including air channels to control air flow or storing liquids in separate containers. Whatever model you choose, you can guarantee that smell will not be an issue.

2.    They’re great for the environment
You can’t get more sustainable household products than this. Composting toilets save water, resources and power. Just think about all the quality water that gets flushed away every year. Couldn’t that be used on other things? Water is so precious, especially when you’re living rurally or during a long hot summer with little rain. Composing toilets significantly reduce your household waste and environmental footprint. You can even use the ‘humanure’ to fertilise your garden and watch your plants grow! It’s all about reducing and recycling. It’s a really positive cycle that will leave you and the environment feeling great.

3.    You’ll save money
Did you know up to half of household water is used by the toilet? What a waste!! Not only is it a huge waste of quality drinking water, it’s a drain on your finances. Switching to composting toilets means saying goodbye to excessive water bills (or rates bills if you’re lucky enough to not have to yet pay for water like in NZ). Picture the savings! Spend that extra money on the things you’d rather have and feel great about helping the environment. There’s no downside. If you are living in a rural area you can even reduce your council rates by removing sewage and connection fees from your billing. And, because there are few moving parts on your toilet, maintenance is rarely required meaning there are fewer ongoing costs.

4.    They’re easy to use
Composting toilets seem more elaborate and complicated than they actually are. They’re easy to set up and maintain. There’s not much additional maintenance work than having a regular toilet. And it’s so worth it for the benefits. Using regular toilet paper is fine, just be sure to add a little sawdust, straw, peat, soil or bark to assist with the composting. Once your container is full, all you need to do is empty contents into another container to continue to composting process. The natural decomposing process does most of the work for you. In 6 months’ time you’ll find rich earthly compost ready to use! And if you add worms into the mix, they’ll consume up to 70% of your waste and purify the remainder from parasites and pathogens. Isn’t it wonderful how nature works?

Even Park Homes NZ co-founder Paul wasn’t so convinced at the start…
“From my own personal experience, I'll freely admit I was a little squeamish at the thought of using a waterless toilet in a house. After using a flushing toilet pretty much every day of my life, it didn't feel right not being able to pull a lever or push a button and see everything disappear - out of sight, out of mind. Paying no mind as to where my waste would go or how much work and resources it would take to treat it. But after about 2 weeks of using a composting toilet for the first time, and realising first hand that all the things I thought I would have a problem with, I found out that they either didn't exist or were no longer an issue. To tell the truth, I love the idea that my waste is no longer causing further resources to be used and creating more pollution in the world. Instead I can now use my waste to actually nourish the Earth, by adding this natural fertiliser into the ground. It's actually quite a fulfilling experience to be actively involved in the composting process and turning your waste matter into something useful and life giving. I can definitely recommend it!” - Paul Hennessey, Park Homes

For more reasons to switch to a composting toilet or to get the process started for you, please call or message us and we can get started today.

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