What have we been working on?

Long time no see Park Homies!

We’ve got a couple of homes on the go and a couple due to start at the end of the month as well, so let’s give you a few mid-build photos and videos to keep the #tinyhouseinspo going!

The following is of our most lightweight tiny house to date - weighing in under 3.5 tonne, despite the masses of storage and pull-out/hide-away furnishings.

“Liberty” is one of our newest standard designs, coming out to help reduce the costs and design time for our customers. Some of you may already know how long it takes to build a bespoke home, and that’s because you have to think of every little thing you want in the house before we can draw up final specs and costs! It takes a long time and, although worth the investment to get what you want, sometimes you might just want a ready-made design, one that costs less to build because we’ve done all the hard preparation work for you.

We plan on rolling out a whole new line of standard plans shortly, in time for the 2 housing expos coming up (watch out Nelson in September and Christchurch in October!), where we’ll be towing one of our tiny houses for you to walk around in and explore yourselves.

Liberty (please note the build is still in progress!)

The next house we want to show you is purpose built for an AirBnB in Le Bons Bay, where tourist accommodation is sparse. This is a single storey house with a small kitchenette, huge bathroom, an incinerating toilet as opposed to a composting one (and these don’t come cheap but wow, what an amazing piece of technology!), under-floor storage and a “Roaring Meg” fireplace.

Le Bons Bay Bach (please note, this is also a build in progress!)

We have two videos up on our vimeo page (or watch below) to show you how the stairs and the hidden table work. Watch out for more videos showing the completed homes next month!