Why Choose Park Homes?

What's the Park Homes difference?

Here are just a few advantages that Park Homes consistently deliver
over standard, conventional houses:
• They can be designed to fit into most irregular, small-sized sections
or gardens.

• They can be lifted over houses or delivered in sections in hard-to-
access areas.

• They are one of the most economically priced, high-spec, “Passive” houses on the market.
• If you want to increase the size of your existing Park Home in the future, by adding one or more extra rooms, this couldn’t be any easier. Once additions have been built at our yard, it will generally take only a few days to add these new rooms onto your existing home.
• Because Park Homes are generally built at our yard and then delivered to site, you can avoid all the mess and inconvenience of a traditional building site.
• They can be made and adapted to be completely off grid.