We produce bespoke, eco-friendly and energy efficient modular homes at an affordable price.

Park Homes are for people who are progressive and innovative, who want to have off-grid systems including solar energy and water, and are willing to invest in their home and environment as a movement, a positive step towards a sustainable and regenerative future that cares for people and planet.

Our homes are affordable as well as beautiful, luxurious and comfortable.

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tiny homes

Our bespoke tiny houses are built to code and come with a 10-year Master Build Guarantee. Should you wish to have a council code of compliance for added security, we can accommodate.

Click here to head to our sister site "Tinypedia.co.nz" and download our free Tiny Home Guide.

modular homes

Is a Tiny house too small? A modular Park Home can consist of a single unit or multiples put together, to create the size of home to suit your needs.

You can also add modules to your home as your family grows.


off grid homes

We’re crazy about sustainable living and protecting our planet. All of our homes can be built partially or fully off the grid

We even have access to plant-based paints and varnishes, and of course we use many materials that are fully recyclable.

Innovative Designs

Park Homes uses materials and construction systems not traditionally used in housing, thus creating a home that is more energy efficient and more luxurious than others of the same ilk.

Energy Efficient Homes

We are committed to bringing Passive House principles and standards to the fore in NZ, by ensuring that our homes incorporate as many passive elements into your build as possible, to reduce your energy bills throughout your life.

Eco-Friendly and Off-grid

Park Homes is committed to helping people live more sustainably and with the environment in mind. Many of our materials are fully recyclable, and with eco options to suit your tastes and budget, you’ll be sure to be making a positive statement by aligning with us.

Earthquake Sound

Park Homes are designed to move independently from the ground, in order to protect its occupants during an earthquake and reduce the risk of damage to the house. Houses can also be raised above flood plains where required.


You may wish to move your house when you relocate, or perhaps you don’t live in Christchurch where we build. No problem! Park Homes are made to be fully relocatable. We can also add to your existing Park Home in future, as your family grows.


The housing market is making home ownership in NZ nearly impossible. We believe that it’s time to change this, so we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible to work within your budget, whilst still creating a house we both can be proud of.