"We aim to develop a new philosophy of home ownership and independence throughout New Zealand"

Park Homes NZ Ltd was created to provide a truly affordable housing option, offering a range of innovative designs, cost effective energy-saving solutions and sustainable building materials.

Paul Hennessey, Licensed Master Builder and the inspiration behind Park Homes, had a vision to help people get out of the housing rut and into their own homes, designed to their unique tastes and built at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing.

Paul has been in the building industry for over 35 years now, with experience across the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand, having worked in multiple fields including carpentry, plumbing, gas-fitting and heating, electrical engineering and finally, project management. Park Homes is the culmination of all his years of expertise, building everything from temples to tiny homes.

Paul, along with his wife and business partner Pascale, believes that building a community from the grassroots is critical to the survival of Christchurch and greater New Zealand. The Park Homes vision is for a community that thrives on living in warm, dry and comfortable homes that have a low-impact on the environment and are owner-occupied, rather than rented.

Our team… 


The Park Homes Mission:

Our Mission is to create a housing revolution by building energy-efficient, affordable and stylish new homes that are on the leading edge of innovation.

We aim to develop a new philosophy of home ownership and independence throughout New Zealand.

We strive to foster a team culture that recognises the need for creativity, service and out-of-the-box thinking.

Our purpose is to deliver an outstanding product, accompanied by an outstanding experience; to exceed the expectations of each customer and ensure their home-building experience is truly special.