“Kate’s Castle” Single Module

Fully Custom Made Single Module - 36m2 - 1-Bedroom - $135,000-$145,000

This home was such a joy to work on. Kate had her mind made up on the kind of home she wanted to create, slightly bigger than a tiny home, with a loft-bedroom feel but with a sense of space. 

Beautiful woodwork throughout the home, a custom made fold-down desk to meet the bench top, eight hidden hatches in the floor of her raised bedroom to create extra storage, floating drawers and shelving to give a luxurious and yet minimalist look. 

Clad in cedar weatherboards to match her surroundings, and with two sets of french doors to boot, this wee home is going to make it easy to bask in those gorgeous kiwi sunsets.

Click the play button on the image below to view a video of this Park Home:

Off-Grid Tiny Home

Off-Grid Tiny House - 47m2 - $110,000 (tiny home prices range from $85,000-$125,000)

Clad in corrugated steel and natural cedar wood, this beautiful tiny home features an extra wide trailer base (3.1m), solar panels, composting toilet, gas hot water, and a little stove to keep the place toasty warm on those cold winter nights. An unusually large bathroom and kitchen for a tiny home and ample room for storage, this totally bespoke design feels more spacious than many city apartments.

Tiny homes can range from 6m-10m long and 2.4m-3.1m wide, with up to two queen sized lofts, external access storage, fully or partially on or off grid and with multiple layouts and designs. Prices start from $75,000 and range up to around $120,000 for larger off-grid models. Send us your design ideas and we'll give you an estimate to help get you started and plan around your budget.


Photo credit http://livingbiginatinyhouse.com

  Photo credit http://livingbiginatinyhouse.com

Photo credit http://livingbiginatinyhouse.com


Antje's spectacular tiny house on wheels is modern, spacious and filled with character and charm. Made from SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and off-the-grid ready, there's certainly no compromise here in terms of space, or design.