Park Homes was originally created to provide a solution to the housing problem in New Zealand by building houses that are smaller than a traditional home, built with superior materials to make them super insulated and highly energy efficient, and fully transportable so as to reduce the high costs and delays of building on-site. They are lighter weight than traditional houses, require less costly foundations and are engineered in a way that makes them earthquake resistant.

A modular Park Home is great if you’re wanting a house that is much more spacious than a Tiny Home and yet is similar in price. These homes can be built to be partially or fully off the grid and designed just as you like, making your home truly yours. 


When considering a layout or design, questions to ask yourself are:

Modular Home 1.jpg

What is my ideal budget versus my maximum available budget?

Modular Home 2.jpg

Is there anything blocking sunshine on my section? (Important if you’re considering installing solar panels). Which layout will work best for my section?


What eco options would I like to have? Solar panels or composting toilets, solar-ready/future proofed, off-grid?


For more information, download our Modular Homes e-Book.