Our First Blog Post!

Hello Park Homies!

We decided that a great way to educate people about living more sustainably, building more sustainably, and creating amazing Park Homes that are in line with international Passive House standards, was to have our own blog space.

Our intention is to share the inner workings of certain signature aspects of our houses; the things that make Park Homes special, and some featured homes that we’ve really enjoyed building.

Along the way we’ll also share our recommendations for affordable building materials that also align with our ethos to be environmentally conscious, as we believe that an educated population will help generate positive change around New Zealand and the world, when it comes to housing.

To begin, we’ve created a short feature video of a Tiny Home with Passive House elements that we built recently.

What’s lovely about this place is that the owners are also cultivating a foraging food forest on their land, with a vision to completely sustain four families there. What a wonderful concept!

The main features of this home, along with the standard items of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), UPVC windows and doors, and a heat-recovery ventilation system, are:

  • Hidden drawers and trap doors in the kitchen, over the wheel wells

  • It is solar-ready

  • Composting toilet (Separett Villa 9000, a popular choice with off-grid Park Homies)

  • LED strip lighting around the entire ceiling - this creates a feature of the space and a very cool lighting effect, whilst being energy efficient

  • Natural bio-paints throughout (no VOCs or chemicals, all plant-based)

  • Bamboo flooring

  • A shub (shower-bathtub)

  • Hidden extractor fan

  • Full-sized fridge-freezer

  • Green corrugated steel cladding

This home is 8m long by 2.5m wide, with a storage or single bed loft, as well as a queen bed loft.

So what do you think? Feel free to share around and comment below