This is New Zealand – what about the earth quake safety of Park Homes?

New Zealand is home to many great natural wonders. Beautiful open plains, pristine mountain peaks, diverse and unique flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful lakes in the world are right at our doorstep -- just to name a few. But not all of New Zealand’s natural powers are so great. Earthquakes are a part of our life, and a part of our life we need to be prepared for!

Living with Earthquakes

We’ve seen the destruction earthquakes can do. 185 lives were lost in 2011 when the 6.3 magnitude quake tore through Christchurch. Families lost their loved ones, their homes, their city and their safety. We watched huge parts of the city, surrounding suburbs and areas beyond be completely destroyed, damaged and entirely reshaped. But as we know, earthquakes in New Zealand stretch far beyond the devastation in Christchurch.

Every single year earthquakes continue to rock New Zealand. They are a devastating part of our history, especially when in civilian areas. Unfortunately, we know they will be a part of our future. Ensuring your home can withstand any future large-scale earthquakes is of the utmost importance. Many buildings were signed off as safe in Christchurch before 2011, but simply couldn’t withstand the strength of the quake. Others were found to have had major safety faults that should have been fixed sooner. When an earthquake hits civilian areas, we need to be prepared and minimise the potential damage.

What makes Park Homes different?

Building homes that can resist the damage of earthquakes was Paul’s vision when starting Park Homes. He and his team strive to build houses that keep people safe and feeling confident during an earthquake. How do Park Homes do this? Park Homes are designed to move independently from the ground. When an earthquake strikes, the ground shifts. No matter how well constructed the house seems, if it’s fixed rigidly to the moving ground, it can’t withstand the damage of a powerful earthquake.

Our signature innovation, the ‘floating foundation’, forms the base of a Park Home. This means our homes can move independently from the ground. This flexibility means your house can move with an earthquake, rather than being ripped apart by it. Even in cases where a more traditional foundation is needed (slopes or high wind areas) our homes are designed to be more flexible and able to withstand some resistance. The risk of structural damage is greatly reduced and, most importantly, the occupants stay safe!

Disaster earthquakes can happen at anytime. It’s a hard reality but an important one to acknowledge and prepare for. Park Homes are designed to minimise damage and keep everyone safe during a disaster. You can maintain a relaxed peace of mind, always knowing you and your property will stay strong during earthquakes.

Stay safe!

(Photo: Getty images on CNBC)

(Photo: Getty images on CNBC)