Park Homes NZ - Not just modern tiny homes, but modular eco-homes custom-built to your family!

You have seen our eco-friendly tiny homes, however an eco-friendly home doesn’t always have to be TINY!

Depending on what you need, we can connect two or more bases together to match your design to create a bigger home. Our homes have a modular layout that can be combined in hundreds of different ways!

A modular eco-home is perfect for a starter home, off-grid house, guest house, granny flat or holiday house. You decide the size and shape, and we make your vision a reality. We have a huge variety of designs, layouts and shapes available so you can create a unique house that’s right for you!

Because of their modular design, Park homes can easily be extended later on by adding another module. There is no need to move to a new house anymore every time your needs change!

New homes and add-on modules are all built at our yard in Christchurch, and it generally only takes a few days to combine modules on-site minimising the disruption construction causes to your everyday life.

Due to their modular structure, Park Homes can be designed to fit into the most irregular and off-grid places. Varying sizes and lightweight materials enable Park Homes to be moved quickly, easily and cheaply.

The final advantage of choosing a modular eco-home is its price tag. Ours are one of the most economically priced ‘passive’ houses on the market! The running cost of an eco-friendly home is also much cheaper than a conventional home. It’s an investment that really pays off.

More design layouts can be found in our FREE Park Homes Info Pack!

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