How do we Create a Passive House?

Sustainability and affordability are two of the greatest things about passive houses. They feature HIGH levels of comfort, with LOW levels of energy use. Part 1 of our project explained what a passive house is, why you should want one and how they are achieved.

We want to talk a little more about our role in creating passive houses. There are lots of elements we need to consider for each house. We look at every part of the house, from the outside structure and insulation, to the inside heating and cooling. We plan, construct and organise your home to reduce the use and cost of energy, while still maintaining the vision for your home.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Different houses are exposed to alternative climates and weather conditions, and every house owner lives a different lifestyle. These are the things we take into account when designing both a Certified Passive House, or simply a house that has many Passive House elements. The decisions we make are all about efficiency and comfort and of course you, your budget and your lifestyle.

So you can see it is no simple task creating a passive house, and no ordinary tradesperson can do it. You have to complete a Passive House Certification process. A tradesperson must prove they are extremely knowledgeable about passive houses and can meet all required standards when creating one. They also must continue to prove their skills to maintain their certification.

Passive House Build Project Update

Now we have some exciting updates on our project! After a gruelling 5 days of study and an intensive examination, we are pleased to announce our beloved Paul Hennessey has achieved certification as a Passive House Tradesperson by the International Passive House Institute in Germany! We were told that only 50% of applicants pass the exam and become certified, so, Congratulations Paul! The most successful construction teams are made with high quality training and experience, so Paul’s latest achievement is making our team even more ready for passive house projects.

We’ve been working hard to get our new passive house ready to showcase and we’re excited to share how we’re going. So here's the first part - the foundation! This is going to form the restraining pad for our signature floating foundation. The house will be a 2-module Park Home, totalling 66m2. The first of its kind in NZ - a fully off the grid, fully transportable, Passive House Approved Park Home (that's if we can get it certified!)

We can’t wait to share the rest of our passive house journey. Stay tuned for updates on our construction, and to learn more about how a passive home could be a perfect fit for you!