Why sustainable TINY HOMES are the lifestyle of the future and how you can start living it now! – Part 2

Sustainability is gaining recognition all over the world because it is becoming abundantly clear that living sustainable lives is no longer optional, it is something we must do to preserve our qualities of life and of all the lives on this planet.

Are tiny homes sustainable? Read the part 1 of this post here.

Could you imagine living in a tiny home in 3 months from now?

Enjoying living the sustainable lifestyle is no longer a dream. In fact, moving into your tiny home is easier and quicker than you ever thought possible!

  1. Tiny homes cost a fraction of purchase price of a traditional “McMansion”
  2. Affordability of tiny homes ensures smaller mortgage payments, which makes home ownership available to most of those who otherwise would find it hard to afford to buy a home of their own
  3. Tiny homes can be built in under 3 months getting you into home ownership sooner!
  4. Your tiny home can easily be transported to wherever you want to live
  5. There is no need to sacrifice on life’s luxuries either! Tiny homes can be fitted in with all the modern comforts and more. A dry and warm house is much easier to achieve because using quality building materials and windows and doors is less expensive for a smaller home.
  6. Legitimate tiny home building companies ensure tiny homes are built to meet or exceed current building standards
  7. When built using quality materials tiny homes can be 100% recyclable while designed to last 100 years
  8. Tiny homes can have a modular design and be easily expanded later if needed

Keep your eye out for The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Tiny Home that will be available from Park Homes very soon!


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