11 Ways Park Homes is the solution to the NZ housing crisis

Houses too expensive or not what you really want? Or not available where you really want to live?

Having nightmares about being stuck with a massive mortgage or fighting a losing battle to save a deposit?

What about eco-friendliness, sustainability and looking after our planet? Does that even exist in the developers’ agenda?

We too thought there was something wrong with the current housing market! That’s why we started the Park Homes housing revolution….!

  1. Enter Home Ownership Sooner. With house and land packages becoming more and more expensive, an affordable and modular, yet luxurious Park Home could be the best way for you to own your first home sooner and avoid having to wait to move into your own home.
  2. Pay Your Home Off Quicker. Not being able to afford your own home means being forced into renting and not being able to start working towards something you can call your own. By investing in a Park Home you can have your own home at the fraction of the usual cost, and pay your mortgage off in less time.
  3. Be Part of a Solution to Reduce Waste. We are using up our planet’s natural resources at an alarming rate and there are consequences. Our homes are environmentally low impact, and you can be content that you are playing your part to change the world for the better.
  4. Tailor-Made for You. The price of housing now means you have limited options, settling for what you can afford rather than getting something you truly want! All our homes are designed to your unique specifications, meaning a more individualised home, just for you.
  5. Luxury Homes Made to Last. You may be forced into buying a home that doesn’t meet the high standards you deserve due to this housing crisis. By investing in Park Homes, you can be assured we use the best materials possible to help ensure the safety and longevity of your home. Our homes are built to last 100 years!
  6. Low Running Costs. Because of the intuitive designs, smaller footprint and use of solar panels, a Park Home costs less (or nothing!) to power. This means you can pay off your dream home sooner and enjoy reduced bills for the rest of your life!
  7.  Environmentally Friendly. Being environmentally friendly means the houses can be equipped with solar panels and other clean technologies to help reverse the CO2 we are transmitting into the atmosphere. This means you can sleep easy knowing you are making a difference.
  8. FREEDOM to Move When You Want. Because of our signature engineering, these houses are portable too! Need a location change? With these houses, you have the freedom to get up and go.
  9. Earthquake Safe. Special attention has been paid into the design of the signature floating foundation of our homes. These homes will survive an earthquake or a flood!
  10. Built in Three Months. Yes, that’s right! It only takes 3 months to build your own modular Park Home. This means you get to move into your newly built home sooner than you thought possible, with freedom to add extra modules throughout its lifetime as your family grows.
  11. Your House, Our Family. Our business is family friendly and works with you. Don’t waste your time with companies that will fit you into whatever is available, at Park Homes, we care about you and want to help bring your dream home to life.