The wonderful lifestyle of fully transportable homes

There are so many decisions to make when building or buying your dream home. The location is one of the trickiest and most important things to consider. Your home may need to be somewhere close to work, but you may want somewhere quiet and peaceful or perhaps child-friendly. What you want now may be completely different to what you want a few years down the track. So how do you decide? Easy. You don’t have to!

Imagine if you could change the location of your house or extend your existing home, without buying a new one? Fully transportable homes are available at Park Homes and we’re so excited to tell you more about how they could be prefect for you!

There are so many more benefits to choosing a fully transportable house. For example, you may know exactly where you want to live, but the houses available aren’t what you’re after. You might be certain a Park Home is for you, but you live outside our base in Christchurch. Or maybe you can’t afford the type of houses in the locations you like. A fully transportable Park Home is the answer to these problems!

You’re probably wondering how a fully transportable home works.

  1. We build all our transportable homes in Christchurch.
  2. They are transported to anywhere in NZ by truck (prices vary depending on location and access - we can seek a quote for you).
  3. They’re constructed with lightweight materials and, in most cases, there is no need for traditional foundations. The house can be placed in almost any location as long as the ground is level and firm, and access is favourable.

There are no cut-backs on quality. All transportable homes are designed to handle our NZ climate and are earthquake resistant through zones 1-3. The house can be lifted easily and placed into different positions. Some Park Homes are on wheels so they have flexibility within the plot of land they are placed.

Delivery and set-up costs are so much cheaper than you might think! Depending on the size of your Park Home and the distance it’s being transported, we’ve found delivery to be tens of thousands of dollars less than building on site, it also makes consenting far simpler and cheaper. Fully transportable homes are prepared to make the transition to new electricity, water and waste systems. Once the property is in place, it’s easy to connect to all the utilities. Then you’re good to go!

If it’s time for a new location, you don’t have to leave your lovely house and all the memories you’ve created there behind. You just take it with you!

Choosing a fully transportable home reduces the ‘red tape’ bureaucracy that comes with building a fixed, conventional house.

The ease and flexibility of a fully transportable home is what makes them so great. It’s a fresh, diverse and convenient lifestyle. If you think it might just be the lifestyle you’ve been looking for, contact us and we can get started making your dream into a reality!