This is Why You Want to Live in a Passive House!

Do you want to help the environment, be less reliant on power companies and save money long term?

A passive house is the perfect way to help achieve a higher level of energy independence while doing your part to cut down on CO2 emissions.

A passive house refers to how a building is structured and insulated, its orientation, as well as its ventilation. The aim of the passive house is to reduce reliance on heating and cooling technologies such as heaters and fans by optimising the way in which the house is built.

Passive house elements can be achieved through a variety of ways by Park Homes, with some of the most common ways being installing more efficient windows, using Structurally Insulated Panels as a form of insulation as well as circulating air and pre-warming it when needed via a Passive House approved, heat recovery ventilation system.

The key to a successful passive house is one that is weather resistant and can withstand extreme changes in climate, one that reduces on your power bills as well as reduces your carbon footprint, as well as remain unchanged in its efficiency after years and years.

There are many ways to implement passive house elements in your build, which we can help you decide so that it suits your lifestyle. We can adapt a passive house solution to your specific needs, whether you want the bare essentials or want to really future proof your home from rising power costs and care for the planet long-term.

Passive House Build Project Update

You may be aware that “Papa 1”, the original Park Home prototype, which also served as our show home, was recently sold to make room for all the upgrades and improvements we’ve made to our designs over the past year. In light of this, Pascale and Paul’s new home will be built to showcase the most exciting features and technologies available to us right now, so that you can come and see how a Certified Passive House looks, feels and performs, all while being still fully transportable and fully off the grid!

Watch out for updates as they come up and follow the Passive House story on the blog.