5 most creative tiny homes around the world

Tiny homes are trending across the globe!! And it’s no surprise. Tiny homes are not only environmentally and economically friendly, they create easy and comfortable lifestyles and are the perfect fit for most standard families and singles. People around the world are turning to smaller living, and they’re doing it in the most creative ways. We’ve done our research and found 5 amazing tiny homes anyone would envy. We’d live in any of these houses over a giant mansion any day! Which one’s your favourite?

1. Talk about stylish!! We just love this sleek and sophisticated wooden wonder. It’d be practical absolutely anywhere from city living to the most isolated location.


2. We’ve all seen cute beach boxes, but this house takes the beach box one step further! Nothing but good vibes and relaxation here. Imagine taking this house along the coast!! What a lifestyle!


3. This baby is one with nature! The grass roof completes this cute and isolate little getaway. There’s no need for houses to be bold and bright. This tiny home truly captures how beautiful simplicity is. We just adore it.


4. This eco-friendly log cabin is an forest-lovers dream. It uses elements of the traditional log cabin with a stylish modern edge. So cozy! We’d hide away here for months.


5. Who knew shipping containers could be so homely? The creative flare that has gone into this tiny home is amazing. It makes something so simple so beautiful-- the true essence of tiny homes. You could build such a special life here.