Heating your Tiny Home in Winter

With the cold weather starting to roll in, it’s time to talk about HEATING. The great thing about choosing a Park Homes house is we design our homes with superior insulation so heating is easy and efficient! It’s all about quality when it comes to heating a home. Our homes all come with Passive House approved ventilation systems, guaranteeing 85% or more energy efficiency. That's over 20% more efficiency than most other systems.

Windows and doors play an important role in the energy efficiency of a house. They need to be high quality and ideally a poor conductor of heat, so that the temperature outside doesn't come inside so easily (for example, as is so easily done with aluminium frames). This means the window frames maintain a similar temperature to the insulated walls. We make a lot of considerations about heating and cooling when designing a Passive House. Passive houses even draw on energy sources like the warmth of residents to heat the house!

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to heating. That’s another reason why a Passive House is so great. With a Passive House you’re looking at saving up to 85% on electricity compared to average houses, and less than the typical low-energy buildings.
All that and we haven't even talked about extra heating options! And that’s why we love Passive Houses so much, you don't need a whole lot extra! If you decide you need something a little more to heat your Passive House, there are a few good options.

Small wood stoves can be a really homely way to heat your house. They’re very small, but can heat a house extremely well. If you’re not a fan of wood, gas heating or electric are great options, and for our off grid designs, we can build solar furnaces to take advantage of the free energy of the sun. Gas can be cheap to run and creates a nice cozy intimate area. Small electric heaters can work extremely well in a small space and there are some great low wattage heaters out there that run efficiently even on solar power. Many of our customers have written us to share that they’ve reduced their energy bill by hundreds per month, whether grid tied or not - imagine what you can do with that extra money in your pocket!

There’s a lot of great options and the choice is yours! Whatever you choose, you can look forward to those cozy winter days snug up with a nice cup of tea feeling at home in your Park Homes house. Have a great Winter!

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