15 most fun ways to start a more sustainable lifestyle

Who says sustainability is boring?? Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean cutting out fun and easy ways to live. There are simple things you can change to reduce your environmental footprint -- and it can be fun! Take our top 15 tips as a good base to make small changes and live a little bit greener and funnier.

1. Start a herb, fruit or veggie garden. Home grown produce is the most sustainable produce and it saves you money-- not to mention it tastes so much better too!!
2. Start timing your showers and try to beat your quickest time
3. Layer clothing instead of turning up the heating. There’s nothing more cozy then putting on a fluffy pair of slippers or your favourite scarf and it’ll save money from your energy bill!


4. Use a no junk mail sign to save on paper
5. Buy a bicycle and cycle to work instead of driving
6. Carpool with your friends or take public transport to save on petrol


7. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs! It’ll help you keep fit too.
8. Stop buying bottled water and get a good quality reusable drink bottle
9. Use green bags at the supermarket and stop those pesky plastic bags
10. Buy second hand clothes when possible. There are some real hidden gems at op shops!


11. Avoid fast-fashion and buy good quality when you do buy new clothes
12. Go paperless with your bills, it's easier and saves paper
13. Invest in a juicer and juice those off-cuts of fruits and veg instead of wasting-- yummy


14. Make your own coffee or use a keep-cup rather than using disposable coffee cups
15. Save and reuse gift boxes and wrapping