Can I Still Enjoy Hot Showers Off-Grid?

It’s an important question! We all love our warm showers, especially on those chilly winter days. But you don’t have to worry about losing them if you’re living off-grid or in an eco-home because there are so many great options for your showers and heating with Park Homes!

It’s all in the design. Park Homes utilise innovative designs and nature’s resources to create the most efficient heating. Our showers are no exception. It doesn’t matter whether you are living urbanly or completely off-grid, we can work together to make sure your shower heating is exactly how you like it.

Designed and made in New Zealand, shower domes made are fitted to the top of your shower. Shower domes are designed to keep moisture and warmth inside the shower enclosure. That means your shower will be nice and warm, while being more energy efficient and leaving your bathroom drier.

We are huge advocates of solar hot water systems. Using solar reduces your environmental footprint and saves you money! Our hot water systems work by collecting and retaining heat from the sun and transferring this heat to a liquid. There are so many different solar hot water systems available.

An active solar hot water system uses circulating pumps. These have either direct or indirect circulation which use water from the storage tank to go through collectors or use antifreeze liquid to circulate through collectors. A passive system uses gravity circulation-- meaning when the hot water rises, cool water sinks.

Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages that are best discussed with someone from our team who can recommend the best fit for you and your family. Whichever option you decide is right for you, you can rest easy knowing you can have hot showers, while being environmentally friendly.

To learn more about your water heating options, please contact us directly and get the conversation rolling!