Why Steel SIPs Are More Sustainable Part 2

In our last blog post we introduced you to SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and some of their environmental benefits. But we were only just getting started! There’s so much to be said for steel SIPs. They are amazing at conserving energy while improving overall indoor air quality! We want to make sure you know all the reasons why SIPs are the best choice for you Park Home.


A SIP home can reduce energy use by 60%. That’s right, 60%! But how? SIPs have high quality, air-tight insulation. It’s so efficient, the house doesn’t use as much energy to heat and cool as a standard timber or steel framed house. Because SIPs create an airtight structure, you're less likely to feel any cold drafts in your home or notice the heat escaping. With a traditional house, 40% of heat loss is due to air gaps, so you're really saving a lot more energy utilising SIPs in your build and of course, as you'll retain more of that wonderful heat, the overall comfort of your home will be much higher. In addition to this, your energy bills will be lower throughout the year.

Air Quality

Thanks to the airtight building envelope of a SIP building, the air quality of a SIP home is amazing! With controlled ventilation, contaminants and allergens can be filtered out. A quality ventilation system can also dehumidify the air, reducing the potential for condensation and mould. This is significant because we know that dampness and mould, especially black mould, is incredibly hazardous to one's health, causing breathing and other health problems in Kiwis for years, even after changing their living environment. With a steel SIP home that is properly vented, the air inside is fresh, warm and dry, all the time. So not only are SIPs the greener choice, they are better for your own personal health and your family’s wellbeing!

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