What is nZEB and how is it different from Passive House?

Never heard of nZEB? If you follow our passive house posts, you probably know more than you think.

The International Passive House Association defines nZEB as nearly-Zero Energy Building. nZEB buildings are cost-effective, energy-efficient designs that rely on renewable energy sources. They have a huge focus on sustainability, so naturally nZEB goes hand-in-hand with passive houses.

A Passive House is the implementation of nZEB standards. It has been tried and tested over 25 years for optimal efficiency and sustainability. A passive house must focus on renewables, maximise energy efficiency and be cost-optimal.

At Park Homes NZ we talk a lot about Passive Houses. They’re better for the environment, better for your wallet and provide a better standard of living. We create Passive Houses that reduce environmental footprints, save energy and utilise our natural resources effectively to reduce waste. nZEB plays an important role in designing a Passive House. Following nZEB standards and designs ensures a house is a passive house.

Clearly, nZEB and Passive Houses have some key similarities and work well in creating and maintaining sustainable living. But it’s important to understand the difference:
While there is currently no “standard nZEB”, there is a standard for Passive Houses. That means a Passive House is clearly defined. A Passive House must follow a precise formula that embodies nZEB qualities.

nZEB and Passive Houses both have sustainability at the core. One of the best things about the Passive House standard is it is public and free of charge and it can be applied to any climate. So it’s accessible for everyone to achieve a Passive House, and reduce their environmental footprint.

The construction sector has a huge role to play in reducing its environmental impact if we want to have a chance at reducing, preparing for and fighting the effects of climate change. To achieve a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases and a 20% improvement in renewables and energy efficiency by 2020 nZEB standards need to be met across all construction. It’s important for protecting the future of our environment for generations to come.

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